The Magic is Real

Hey fabulous friends!

I wanted to share something with you if you have the time.  I know that the thought of a direct sales company may be daunting for some. I get it.  There have been many people that all of us know who have been scammed by them or tried to join one only to be disappointed in the past. But please know that most of the companies that have lasted are legitimate businesses with great business plans. They are not what you grew up knowing as pyramid schemes. Companies, like Rodan + Fields have realized how it is more beneficial to all involved, including the customer, if they sold directly to them.  They get a loyal team made of consultants to share their products, the consultants get to create their own future by sharing what they love, and the client gets one-on-one service with their own personal consultant to help them find what they need. Rodan + Fields, for instance, has been the fastest growing premium skin care company in the country for 5 years.  That means they have grown their revenue the FASTEST than any of the top skin care company you find in fancy stores for half a decade!  Direct sales is the wave of today and the wave of the future! On an online shopping world, it only makes sense that this is a business model that will continue to grow.

Next time someone comes to you to tell you about their company, please don’t just shut them down. Support them, encourage them and listen to them.  It may not be the right fit for you, but just having you cheering for their success is enough to keep them going. Who knows, you may even find a product you really like!

Thank you for reading! Have a bright and beautiful day!

Update: Hey, what do you know! This is exactly what I was talking about!
Read more HERE


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