Transformation Tuesday – Catia & REDEFINE

Today is Transformation Tuesday.  I will be posting some amazing pictures and reviews for the next 4 weeks of very real and beautiful ladies that I have the pleasure of knowing.  They trusted me with their skin and together we found the products that were right for them.

I know I posted this amazing lady’s pictures before, but I wanted to share real quick what Catia, an inspiring Confidence Coach, author, speaker, enthusiast and mama had to say about the REDEFINE line after using it for 60 days!

I was intimidated by the 3 step process at first, but after about a week, it became a breeze and part of my routine! My skin was noticeably smoother just after a few weeks and after about a month I could tell a difference in my sun spots.

I was thrilled that it was safe to use during pregnancy and appreciated that the product was easy to use! I quickly ordered more product as I was so happy with the results. My husband could even tell a difference in my skin composition!! Highly recommend the Redefine line.

Catia H.

Take a closer look at these results:





Isn’t she glowing? Amazing! Follow this amazing lady on Facebook HERE

I’d love to help you find the products that are right for you. Are you ready to Shine? Email me or message me for a free consultation!


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